Enjoy the services provided by Sindibad International, An electronic plateform with universal standards which puts at your diposal the best of self development and savings programs, all this, with only one click.

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An electronic platform with universal standards


Courses & Forums

Field training and international forums with universal standards, in many countries (cost-only), including the Investment and Entrepreneurship Forum to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, November 10th to 14th.

Community Service

Free programs and services to young people in general and university students in particular, children and people with special needs, all free and in a form of volunteer and community service.

Development Programs

Trainings in the audio hall led by renowned trainers, electronic libraries, video programs, university courses, specialized applications, and so much more.

Saving Offers

Benefit from discounts ranging from 5% to 50% on offers from over 1000 institutions worldwide including universities, private schools, hotels and restaurants, insurance companies and so much more.


500 Coupons

Take advantage of discounts and offers for more than 1000 companies currently in service.


Another 15 Coupons

To participate in the draw of the 50 main prizes and enjoy a fully-funded tour for Turkey, Malaysia, Maldives, tourism programs and international gatherings.


40% to 50% Discounts

Participate in the forum for Investment and Entrepreneurship wich will held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Training hours

80 of training hours annually in the areas of personal planning, financial intelligence and so much more.


Sindibad is spreading all over the world in a very wide range and is always on the rise

Sindibad's Global Platform

Sindibad's global platform is not the only institution in the world, yet, it is certainly one of the few platforms that brought together enlightenment, development and savings

Sindibad Services

The Savings Deals platform includes thousands of deals across the world in various services, education, training, hotels, restaurants, health, fitness and a variety of other services.

PSP - Personal Strategic Planning

The Sindibad PSP app helps to develop an excellent personal plan, for a life of more success and giving, which includes a vision, a mission and strategic objectives, while ensuring the personal accompaniment by one of the trainers of the ambassadors of the development.

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Sindibad International is a comprehensive electronic platform that combines training, services, marketing and social communication.


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